Best Free Stock Photo Sites for Horse Images

Best Free Stock Photo Sites for Horse Images

Looking for quality horse images to use on your website or project? Here are the best free stock photo sites for pictures of horses.

Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images.  That’s a hard number to ignore.  Everything that’s published online, from blog posts to horse advertisements to your personal Facebook updates, is driven by visual content.  If you seek more interaction, or just want to make your hard work look great, you need high-quality and relevant images.

I am constantly searching for free horse images (really FREE) that I can use without worry.  When creating custom digital graphics, it’s easy to spend hours searching for high-quality photos that don’t violate any copyright laws.  Rather than starting the search from scratch each time, I compiled a list of the best free stock photo sites for horse images to reference for future projects.  If you don’t need only horse pictures, these websites have other amazing images too that will help you find the perfect photo to make your content stand out.

This list is meant to be a reference point.  Before you use any images on your website, for your business, or even for personal use, be sure to carefully review the copyright laws for each image.  Bookmark this page for future reference, and please comment if you use another resource that would be a helpful addition to this list!


When browsing DeviantArt, always use the ‘Resources and Stock Images section’ and check each image for specific copyright information.  Sometimes they are free, other times permission is required by messaging the author.  Try searching for keywords other than ‘horse’ to return more specific results. You can also change the view in the top right to better suit how you browse, or the ‘sort’ to view most popular of all time or order by newest.


A wide variety of images can be found here, but larger images are generally not free.  Dreamstime is worth a look to check out photos for any of your needs outside of horse images too.  Many are free to download in small sizes.  If you need a larger image, you may need to pay a few bucks or create an account.  This site makes finding specific images a breeze using the advanced search function.


Flickr has an enormous amount of photos, but again, read the copyrights carefully.  Search using public domain (CC0) or select ‘No known copyright restrictions’ to browse worry free.  If you use creative commons filters to search for the perfect horse photo, read the copyrights carefully!  Typically there is a link where you can read the terms of the copyright by clicking ‘(c) some rights reserved’ or in the image description.  When in doubt, contact the author to gain permission before you use any stock photos for your blog or project.


Completely free for personal or commercial use.  What’s great is you can search by keyword, color, category, or license.  A new hi-res photo is uploaded daily.  There are some good photos of horses and ponies on here.  Try searching for keywords relevant to your project to find a photo that will work for you.


Morguefile is a free photo archive created by creatives, for creatives.  It compiles stock photos from multiple websites in one place for everything under the sun, including a ton of beautiful horse pictures.  When you click on an image, the copyright information will be detailed; make sure the image is designated as a morgueFile free photo, and more detailed usage information is outlined in the description.


Search millions of Creative Commons photos and add them to your blog posts easily.  Although not associated with Flickr, PhotoPin uses the Flickr API to search Creative Commons photos around the web, and compiles them into an easy-to-browse format.  Most will be free to use, but there are a variety of different Creative Commons licenses.  Make sure you understand how the photo can be used before you press ‘download.’


On Pixabay you may find and share images free of copyrights. All pictures are released under Creative Commons CC0 into the public domain.  Pixabay published an informative blog post about what is allowed and what is not with public domain images that I recommend reviewing briefly if you plan to create content for commercial use (such as video commercials or product endorsements).  If you’re creating a blog post, you typically will not have to worry, but if you’re unsure about what’s allowed, take 2 minutes to read their blog post.


Search by category or keyword to find the perfect free stock photo.  You have to create an account to download images, but membership is 100% free.  Using these photos for your blog is fine, but if you plan to use them in other ways, it’s best to read their licensing agreement before you start your project.


High quality photos with easy search feature; you can even search by vector images if you choose.  Create an account to begin downloading!  By doing so, you’ll also get a free photo and vector every week.  Use these images on your website, but obey their licensing agreement and terms of use if you plan to use a photo in another way. sources public domain and creative commons licensed images. In their FAQs, they request that you give proper credit to the photographer if you use one of the photos. I would double check the licensing and rules before using anything, but they have a great resource for how to give proper attribution in their FAQs. All photos are free for commercial use, and they have a variety of horse images to choose from.

These are high quality free stock photos that all fall under the Creative Commons CC0 license.  No attribution is required.  Try searching for different horse-related keywords to find the perfect photo for your content!


Unsplash offers “free (do whatever you want) stock photos.”  New photos are uploaded daily, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for in terms of horse images, there are stunning landscapes and other photos broken into collections to choose from.  


Resplashed is run by the same people as Unsplash, but offers better functionality for search.  While I haven’t found many pictures of horses, this site offers quality imagery that’s worth a look.

Wikimedia Commons

A database of millions of freely usable media files to which anyone can contribute.  While these are free to use, many photographers require attribution and some require you to link back to the original image or license.  Read the licensing very carefully for any image you find here!

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